Tree Removal & Cutting Service in Lexington, KY

Arborist in the process of tree removal.

The decision to remove a tree requires planning by professionals who must consider the surrounding environment. While we are tree removal experts and proficient at tree cutting, every situation presents unique challenges.

The safety of the area around the tree always comes first. For example, power lines near the tree, other close-by structures, and people’s safety all play an important role in planning. We must consider every contingency before we make the first cut.

A board-certified master arborist leads our team at Town Branch Tree Experts in Lexington, KY, with 6 ISA certified arborists and two tree risk assessors working together to apply their professional expertise to ensure your project completes in the safest manner possible.

We often receive questions about the cost of removing a tree because most people don’t have a working knowledge of the complexities of such work. To be sure, tree removal requires precision only a professionally trained person understands.

Cost Considerations

There are many steps involved when determining the cost of removing a tree. The tree’s location and size help us determine how complex the project might become. Our arborist will study the tree and make the final decision about any safety concerns considering your requirements and wishes.

The arborist will also determine what equipment will do the best job, along with the crew size and the time required for completion. The ultimate cost includes cleanup options such as removing all branches and debris, leaving cut logs for the fireplace, or complete removal from your property.

Ask us during the initial consultation about your preferences, and we’ll be glad to work with you to make the project move along smoothly and quickly.

Another common question refers to the leftover tree stump. Should you remove it or grind it down?

Tree Cutting Services

Should You Remove the Stump or Grind It Down?

Many people keep their old stumps, decorate them with flowers, and even carve them into unique shapes and figures. That’s nice in the beginning, but consider what happens as the stump rots.

As the stump dies, it starts to rot, and pests like carpenter ants and termites invade, and it becomes an eyesore. Of course, you can take on the responsibility of keeping the bugs away, but carpenter ants are resilient and hard to eliminate.

What’s worse, if termites already infested the tree stump, enough of them will try to make their way to your home, and that’s not good. We’re not advocating either way but to provide information so you can make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Stump Grinding

 If you’re trying to decide between stump removal or grinding, here’s a list of the pros and cons to help.


  • They’re quick to grind down. If insects, especially termites, did not affect your tree, grinding the stump provides wood mulch without the worry of insects 
  • Grinding the stump leaves everything around it intact
  • You can replant the area with new trees
  • The new open area provides for additional landscaping


  • More expensive than using chemicals
  • Grinding a stump leaves its roots behind, taking about 10-12 years to decay completely
  • The area will get messy, with wood chips strewn about, including sawdust

 We leave the decision of grinding the stump or removing it up to you, and we hope you have the information you need to make the best decision for you. Sometimes storm damage or a diseased tree unable to support its own weight is the reason for removing a tree. Town Branch Tree Experts recommend planting a new tree when old trees are removed. 

 Regardless of the cause, it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. There is a lot of planning involved, but with expert tree cutting and our company, Town Branch Tree Experts, at the helm of the project, you’re getting an elite group of arborists, experienced and compassionate about trees and keeping your property safe and clean.