(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: I’ve never had my trees serviced – how does this work?  A: From your initial phone call to our office to receiving your final invoice, we’re committed to making sure your experience with Town Branch is simple, informative and satisfactory.

  • During your initial call or email exchange with our office, we’ll ask about your objectives, get your contact information and determine if we need an appointment to evaluate your trees. In many cases, an appointment isn’t necessary and the arborist can just go by and follow up with your estimate.
  • Once your trees have been assessed, your arborist will provide an estimate for any work that is recommended. Our estimates outline exactly what we propose for your trees and include the costs for those services.
  • When you’re ready to accept all or part of your estimate, contact us by phone or email with your approval. If at any point along the way you have questions, let us know so that we can provide additional information or address any concerns.
  • Upon acceptance, we’ll issue a work order for your project. In many cases, all of your work will be completed in a single visit. In some cases, your work will be scheduled at the appropriate time of year (i.e., fall fertilization or spring insect treatments). We’re happy to work with any major schedule requests; however, you aren’t required to be home when we come to perform your work. Our schedule gets very busy from April through December so we appreciate your flexibility and patience.
  • Once the job is complete, an invoice will be left at your home and, in most cases, emailed as well. Your payment can be made by phone, made online or mailed to our office. We welcome your feedback because we’re always striving to improve our operations and customer service.

FAQ: Does my estimate include taking away the brush and wood?  A: Yes. Unless you’ve specifically discussed otherwise with your arborist, all the brush and wood will be removed from your property. Additionally, any twigs or leaves will be raked and your driveway or sidewalks are blown off before our crew leaves for the day.

FAQ: Why is an ISA Certified Arborist credential important?  A: Our credentials set us apart because they signify a level of skill, knowledge, and experience that has been vetted and verified by an international trade association.  Eligibility for any of the ISA credentials, applicants must first meet minimum requirements for education and experience.  The exams are designed to test a candidate’s basic knowledge across a spectrum of topics that are applicable worldwide.  Hiring credentialed professionals support our industry as a whole.  You can read more about the ISA and its importance to our industry here.

FAQ: Will your arborists “top” my tree?  A: No. We will not under any circumstances top a tree, nor should any reputable tree care company. “Topping” is the term used to describe an indiscriminate pruning practice which is harmful to your tree and prohibited by international professional standards and Best Management Practices. Topping of street trees and trees on commercial property in Lexington is prohibited by law. Rather than topping, the overall size of a tree’s canopy is best managed by skillful reduction pruning, which will preserve your tree’s health and aesthetic value.

FAQ: Is tree work expensive?  A: It varies from tree to tree. Your trees are a valuable part of your property and keeping them healthy, safe and well maintained is a worthy investment. There is no standard cost for pruning or removing a tree because each job and each tree is unique. Numerous factors are considered when pricing an estimate, including technical difficulty, obstacles or hazards, the time required to perform the work safely and efficiently as well as the level of detail requested by the client. A tree that hasn’t been maintained or presents a risk. This will generally cost more to prune or remove that a similar tree that has been well cared for. Well maintained trees, however, add significantly more value to your property than trees in neglect.

FAQ: Is Town Branch Tree Experts, Inc. insured?  A: Absolutely. Tree care companies are in a different class than other green industry service providers because we usually work at heights above 12 feet. Being properly insured for the type of work we do is critical. You’re welcome to request a copy of our Certificate of Insurance, which will be issued directly from our insurance broker. If you choose to hire another company, make sure they carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance or else you could be responsible if an accident occurs on your property.