Tree Planting

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Taking care of trees on your property may not be as simple as you think. While it’s admirable to be a do-it-yourself type of person, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Simply reading a book or a magazine, watching a documentary, or asking some local gardeners about issues like tree planting, pruning, or taking care of the health of a tree may not give you the information you need.

Proper tree selection and planting practices are essential for the health and longevity of any new tree in the landscape.

Here are four tips on the best ways to plant, preserve, or remove trees:

1. Work with tree experts

 Arborists, tree risk assessors, and tree care safety professionals can advise you on all aspects of taking care of your trees.

Town Branch Tree Experts have no less than six ISA Certified Arborists. They also have two Tree Risk Assessors and one Certified Tree Care Safety Professional. In short, they understand the most important things about planting, caring for, or removing trees.

2. Tree Planting

 Many people waste time and effort planting their own trees. The difficulty they experience is rarely with tree planting itself, but in choosing the right type of tree to plant for Kentucky’s climate.

 If you arbitrarily choose a tree to plant on your property, it may not flourish if it is a non-native tree. The soil and climate conditions for the tree may not be conducive to growth.

 Another type of problem you might have is just the opposite. The tree may grow larger than you expected. If it is too large for the space you plant it in, this could be problematic, especially if it’s been planted near a building, other trees, or telephone lines.

 If you want to plant a tree, it’s a good idea to talk to the folks at Town Branch Tree Experts. They have invested in their Lexington community and strive to build long-lasting relationships with their clients. Many tree species in Kentucky can live a long life if you get the right advice on what to plant and how to take care of them.

3. Preserving trees

 There are many aspects of tree preservation. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to preserving trees on your property:

* Support: Some trees may need supplemental support if they have people branch unions. You can provide this for support with braces or cables.

* Protection: Trees face two major survival problems. One is getting struck by lightning. The other is insect infestation. A lightning protection system will protect your trees during a thunderstorm. Insect infestations are best managed with eco-friendly solutions. These not only protect the tree from damage caused by burrowing insects, but these solutions also don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

* Tree care. An excellent way to improve tree health is through proper mulching. It’s also advisable to prune away dead branches and remove broken limbs. Taking care of branches in the canopy will improve the structure of the healthy branches.

4. Removing trees

 Removing trees can be difficult. It has to be done safely and in a way that has does not have a negative impact on the landscape. For instance, stump grinding ensures enough space for new turf or to plant another tree close to the removal area.

Final Thoughts

 Although you may have plenty of experience with trees over the years, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is why working with Town Branch Tree Experts will be a game-changer. You’re getting the expertise of ISA Certified Arborists, Tree Risk Assessors, and a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional all from the same firm. 

 These experts will not only help you take care of the trees on your property but also show you exactly how to enhance the value of your home and garden. If you are unsure what to do about planting, preserving, or removing trees, getting the right advice from certified experts will make all the difference. These experienced tree experts will give you valuable insights on how to handle any tree problems.

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