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Our Services

Tree trimming

Tree Pruning

Pruning – Often referred to as tree trimming, pruning is performed to enhance the overall health and safety of a tree. Trees may be pruned to remove dead or broken branches in the canopy, to improve branch structure and to increase clearance space (house, garage, driveway, sidewalk). Pruning can also restore a tree where damage has occurred.

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) – Even healthy trees are subject to environmental stress from time to time. PHC services include holistic insect and disease management, proper mulching and fertilization as well as soil mitigation practices, often performed with high-volume air to protect the root system and improve the growing conditions of the tree.

Staff member working on a tree removal

Tree Removal

Tree Removal – When the time comes to remove a tree, safety is our first priority. Advanced rigging techniques are utilized to assure a low-impact and safe removal.  We provide stump grinding services to allow for either turf or a replacement tree to be planted in or near the removal site.  We recommend replacing any tree that is removed to preserve our collective urban canopy.

Insects & Diseases

Insect and Disease Management –  Many insects and disease problems can be prevented by correcting cultural conditions and sources of stress. With active infestations or infections, we utilize eco-friendly treatments or delivery methods to ensure minimal environmental impact. We offer OMRI-listed organic treatment options for many pests.

Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation – Preservation practices help ensure the viability and safety of a tree for the long haul.  In some cases, trees need special cable or brace systems to add supplemental support to weak branch unions.  Other trees may benefit from lightning protection systems.  All trees benefit from proper mulching- one of the easiest practices to improve and preserve a tree’s health.

Looking up freshly pruned trees provided by Town Branch Tree Experts


Consulting Services – Consulting services provide comprehensive, objective viewpoints into the diagnosis, appraisal, and evaluation of most any issue concerning your tree. Consulting services may include tree valuations for property owners and insurance companies, reports, management plans, and tree risk assessment. Preventing damage to trees during construction is one of the most common reasons for a consultation.

Why Us?

We Live Here

We are all proud Lexingtonians!  And we’re your neighbors. Every dollar you spend with us supports the local economy. It helps us buy our kids’ swim lessons and shop at the Farmers’ Market or local brewery.

Unrivaled Expertise

Six ISA Certified Arborists, two Tree Risk Assessors, a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional – all led by one of Lexington’s elite ISA Board Certified Master Arborists. We’re proud of our credentials. We know trees.

Safety First

Our fully insured and technically skilled team members look out for one another. They look out for your property, too.  Each one of our arborists is extensively trained in safe work practices.  Our safety culture sets us apart.

Think Globally

Taking good care of your trees is one of the most environmentally responsible decisions you can make. This is our guiding principle.  It’s why we do this work.  It makes a difference for our Earth.

Capable Care

Our team is conscientious, knowledgeable and highly skilled. We strive to approach your trees and property with the same level of care and respect that we do with our own.

Great Support

We know that responsive and friendly customer service leads to lasting relationships. We’re dedicated to our clients. Our culture is all about community.  We hope to hear from you.